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The ICEE Bear was inducted into the 2015 Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame on Monday, 9/28.  Founded in 2004, the Madison Avenue Walk of Fame honors excellence in advertising including Brand Mascots and Brand Slogans.

ICEE Bear competed with 25 other mascots including Energizer Bunny, Jolly Green Giant, Jack in the Box, Snap Crackle Pop, Twinkie the Kid, Miss Chiquita and contemporary mascots such as the Twitter Bird and Angry Birds. ICEE Bear and Chester Cheetah, both 2015 inductees, join approximately 25 past winners including iconic mascots Colonel Sanders, Pillsbury Doughboy, Tony the Tiger, Morton Salt Girl, and Mr. Peanut.

The announcement was made at the NASDAQ building.  ICEE Bear, SLUSH PUPPiE, other nominated and past winning Mascots lined up on the NASDAQ podium for the closing bell ring.  A plaque will be permanently placed on Madison Avenue between 42nd and 50th streets. Flags featuring previous Walk of Fame winners line Madison Avenue during Advertising Week. ICEE Bear will be featured on one of these flags for years to come.

It is an honor to be nominated amongst these iconic brands. We are even more excited to win!!! … A big accomplishment for our company and the ICEE brand! says Susan Woods, VP of Marketing for The ICEE Company.

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